Saturday, December 26, 2015

Nominees for the 2016 Mt Washington Road Race Hall of Fame

Only few days left to send in nominations for the 2016 HOF.  Send nominations to:

Here are the nominations so far:
Sumner Brown – has a long history at Mt Washington, he has been highly successful over 25 years in various age groups and has a life time PR of 1:10:53.  In 1989 he set the then 45-49 AGR of 1:13:00 and in 1990 he lowered his record to 1:11:41.  He set an age group record in 1994 when he placed 18th overall in 1:12:27 which topped the 50+ age group. That record stood for 15 years.  He set the 55-59 AGR in 1999 running a 1:17:59.  In 2004 broke into the 60+ age group with the then 2nd fastest time.  In 2009 he set the 65-69 AGR (1:34:36).  He currently holds the single age records for age 63, and 65 and the AGR for 65-69.  He finished the race 25 times from 1984-2010 which ranks tied for 32nd all time.  He has run under 1:20 sixteen times which ranks tied for 10th and under 1:15 eleven times which ranks tied for 11th. He ranks 28th all-time in prize money winnings.  He holds four of the top 31 times in the 45-49 aged group, four of the top 27 times in the 50-54, two of the top 10 times in the 55-59, and four of the top 20 times in the 60-64 age group.


Philip S. Campbell - considered his record in the Mount Washington Road Race the pinnacle achievement of his running career in his eighties.  In 1998, he set the still standing Mount Washington course record for Men 80-84 with a time of 2:19:48 beating the previous record by almost 17 minutes. This record remains one of the longest-standing, unbeaten marks in any age category. Five years later at the age of 85 he set a new course record for Men 85-89 with a time of 3:03:18. From 1998 to 2003 he ran the Mount Washington Road race four times finishing first in his age category each of those years while setting three course records.  He was an early and passionate advocate for age categories for senior runners in road races and played an integral role in the growth and success of the New England 65 Plus Runners Club serving as club president from 1994 through 1997.


John Cederholmwon the race in 1973 in his first attempt, and went on to finish five times in the top ten from 1973 to 1978.  His five top 10 overall finishes ranks 15th all-time. He has