Sunday, July 2, 2017

2017 Updates

Notes from the 2017 Mt Washington Road race
I’ve updated the “all time” lists and here are some of the things that stand out.  Links to all of the lists are below.

2017 was the 5th largest field

Slowest average time (2:03:36) was nearly 10 minutes sloer than the old record, also the slowest average time for women (2:10:19)

Oldest field with men average 49.5 and women average 42..5.  Very little change in the last 10 years but about 3 years older than 20 years ago and 10 years older than 30 years ago

Largest % of women finishers with 36% and 2nd largest womens field with 378
Participant data:

Streaks of Note:  Fred Ross reached 40 consecutive finishes, Jacqueline Shakar leads the women with 25.  In all 31 have 15 or more consecutive finishes

Fred Ross also leads the ‘most finishes’ list with 41.  43 have 25 or more and 73 have 2p or more finishes.
Streaks and finishes:

Joseph Gray got his fourth consecutive win, only Bob Hodge has more consecutive (5).  Gallagher, Kihara and Crossan all have four wins but not consecutive.

Shannon Payne got her 2nd win, she is the 9th multi-time women’s winner
Winners data:

Over $200,000 in prize money has been given away over the years:

Age Group notes:
Richard Larsen took 2:44 off of Sumner Browns 65-69 agr with his 1:31:52

No other AGRs were set although Rebecca Stockdale-Wooley ran the 2nd fastest 65-69 time trailing only her record (by 25 seconds)

Single age records were set by:
Brandy Erholtz age 39
Rebecca Stockdale-Wooley age 66
Joe Gray 33
Eric Blake 38
Simon Gutierrez 51
Dave Dunham 53
Richard Larsen 65
George Etzweiler 97(!!!!!)
State Records were set for Utah (men) and Georgia (women)
Top 5 finishes – Eric Blake moves into 3rd and Joe Gray into 7th

Top 10 finishes – Simon Gutierrez #1, Eric Blake #7, Joe Gray tie for 8th, Brandy Erholtz tie for 1st

Sub 1:10s – Blake 7th, Gray 9th

Sub 1:05’s – Blake 3rd, Gray 4th

Sub 1:02s – Blake 1st, Gray 2nd, Canaday 6th (tie)

 Women sub 1:30 – Erholtz 4th (tie)

Sub 1:20 – Erholtz 1st, Payne 9th (tie)

Sub 1:15 – Payne 4th (tie)

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