Saturday, June 23, 2018

2018 All-time lists

Some records set this year:
Highest overall women’s winner place and only the second time in the top 10 overall
M60 Team record for Team Gloucester
W60 Team record for WCRC
A record three F60 teams finished
Italian record by Cesare Maestri (old record Marco DeGasperi)
Seven single-age records set
Age group F50-54 record by Haefeli
Age group F65-69 record by Stockdale-Woolley
Age group M65-69 record by Larsen

All of the records from the complete history of the Mt Washington road race

State (and country) records:  here

Single age records: here

Streaks and most finishes: here

All prize money winners and who has won the most: here

Top 30 (or so) in all 5 year age groups: here

Top 30 (or so) Teams in all age groups: here

Most top 5 finishes (and all top 5 finishers): here

Most top 10 finishes (and all top 10 finishers): here

All sub 1:30 women & sub 1:10 plus who has done it the most times: here

Everyone who has ever broken 1:20 (and who has done it the most): here

All sub 1:15's: here

Sub 1:15 after the age of 40, 45, and 50: here

Historical finishing data: here

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